Location: Portland, Oregon
Owner: Portland Development Commission
Cost: $10.6 Million
Duration: June 2008 to September 2009
Summary: Project included site clearing and demolition of existing utilities, structures, and walkways, as well as installation of an elaborate steel canopy structure. Upper and lower fountains required extensive plumbing, 5 massive in-ground vaults, hot-applied waterproofing, custom-designed equipment, jet canisters, and electrical work. The 2600 c.y. of concrete work on this project consisted of slab-on-grade, pedestals, walls, curved cantilever deck overlook and seawall reconstruction. Masonry was comprised of 24,000 sf of mortar-set pavers at the Upper & Lower fountain plazas. One hundred tons of etched granite was used to create stairs and amphitheater seating. Custom ornamental fence, cantilevered gates, site furnishings, irrigation, and landscaping complete this magnificent and unique project.